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Genel hatalar

Choose the correct option
Is there room for me on the bus?
Is there place for me on the bus?

Don't use place in the sense of room, which means here unoccupied space.

He's the tallest from all the boys.
He's the tallest of all the boys.
Also possible:
He's the tallest boy in the class.

Precede adjectives (or adverbs) in the superlative degree by the and follow them by of or in.

Jill loved money; she was a miser.
Jill loved money; she was miser.

Miser i s a noun, and we can't use it as an adjective. The adjective is miserly: She was miserly.

I told them not to make noise.
I told them not to make a noise.

Also to make a mistake, to make a fortune, to make a will, to make an impression, to make an experiment, to make an attempt.

Keith complains that his wage is low.
Keith complains that his wages are low

Wages is a plural noun and takes a plural verb. We say: a living wage.

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