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Genel hatalar

Doğru seçeneği seçin
Does the gardener waters the flowers?
Does the gardener water the flowers?
The man doesn't waters the flowers.
The man doesn't water the flowers.

After the auxiliary does use the infinitive without to, and not the third person of the present.

The answer to a question beginning with Does is always in the present tense, third person: Does he like the cinema? - Yes, he likes the cinema; or Yes, he does.

I'll wait for you at the cinema
I'll wait you at the cinema.

Await takes no preposition: I'm awaiting your reply.

This errors are sometimes made by foreigners.
These errors are sometimes made by foreigners.

This changes to these if the noun that follows is in the plural.

Also avoid the use of this instead of the personal pronoun: John had the book but he gave this to his brother should be John had the book but he gave it to his brother.

We've always won your team.
We've always beaten your team.

To win is to get something you wanted, to beat is to overcome an opponent: The girls beat the boys, and won the prize. Remember the principal parts of each verb: beat, beat, beaten, and win,
won, won. 

Afterwards we went home for dinner.
After we went home for dinner.

After is a preposition and we must use it with an ob|ect. Afterwards, then, after that are adverbs of time and we can use them alone.

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