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Blue – Heart On My Sleeve şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Heart On My Sleeve - Blue

Şarkı Sözleri
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Don’t act so surprised, we knew from the beginning

Your love is a prize and I just wanna win it

Something bout your soul, the way you seem to know when I’m feelin low

Hit me with the never let go

Everybody know you took it to the limit

Sometimes I wanna take the world, I’m up you up in it

And the other guys don’t know what they need

But I know you would be enough for me


You know that it’s the truth as I’m telling yourself

Girl if you want a lie, I got plenty of those

So when I lose you one, I need to stand to grieve

‘Cause when it comes to love I wear my heart on my sleeve

When I’m with my friends I’m having port or a show

Just say you wanna ride and I’m ready to go

‘Cause when it comes to me you always get what you see

And when it comes to you I wear my heart on my sleeve


It’s alright, you can have your doubts

Just give it time, we can work it out

To be the one that’s by your side

You know that I’d be right


Even though we fight every other minute

We fall out of love and we be right back in it

‘Cause playing on your mind, I won’t let it go

I just wanna know that you feel the same as I

Everybody knows I live it like I talk it

If I said I roll then you know I’m gonna walk it

Never playin you, baby don’t you see?