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Britney Spears – What It's Like To Be Me şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

What It's Like To Be Me - Britney Spears

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(Do you know what it's like?)

(C'mon, C'mon)

Baby tell me

Do I

Look like the kinda girl

That you wanna take me home?

Wanna make me your own?

Do you even know what I like

Just what I'm living for?

What I adore?

Baby, take the time to realize I'm

Not the kind to sacrifice

The way I am

So if you wanna be my man (Baby)

Walk a mile in my shoes

Do me right or I'm through

Can't you see that

If you wanna stay around (I'm telling you)

You got to figure me out (Boy)

Take your time or you lose

This is my game, my rules

Something I can see, obviously

Baby You don't know

What It's like to be me

(Do you know what it's like?)

(Do you know what it's like?)

Don't you get it twisted boy

I want you too

But you got my heart to win

Before I let you in