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Mori Calliope – ReaperかRapper? (Self-Introduction Rap) şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

ReaperかRapper? (Self-Introduction Rap) - Mori Calliope

Şarkı Sözleri
çalışılacak sözcükler

2020 mobbin' mythical crew!

We are "Hololive: Myth", let me show you "how we do"!

Did you really think I'd rap like that? Sorry, tough luck

Vocals gangster as can be, and I'm still "moe" as fuck

I lowered all yo' expectations, and I'll tank 'em again

Because I like to diss myself along with all of my friends!

I guess that you could say that I'm "old-fashioned," the soul-snatchin'

Much-prefer-the-scythe slashin' to dome blastin' master of murder!!

But you've heard the good word of Mister YAGOO I'm presuming?

'Bout the brand new idol crew that won't take losing for an outcome

Want somе? Come and get it, man. We'rе RUTHLESS

But how am I gonna prove this...? Without my scythe, I'm useless...

The truth is...

I'm a Reaper on HIATUS, try'na decide how to play this

Trapped in a stasis—I hate this! I haven't taken a life in like ages, okay

This is heinous, but wait. Look at me now!

Try'na get souls and I just found out how!

Put up a shroud, stream for the crowd

Play up the game, and the viewers could bow!

Stay tough, 'cause maybe the hate will get loud

And the state of my mind could decline, "'cause I'm proud"

(Press "F" to doubt...) ... I'll shut my mouth...