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The Script – Give The Love Around şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Give The Love Around - The Script

Şarkı Sözleri
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To your brother, to your sister, to your misses, to your mister.

To your friends, to your foes, give the love around and back around it goes.

It all comes from the top and it spreads right round

Treat a man wrong he's gonna pass it on down

To the next in line, who's probably his wife bringing up his kids

Now watching mamma cry

And they pick it up, cause they learn everything

Life has a funny way of going in a ring,

End up growing up in trouble with the law

Standing in the cuffs that the father once wore

Now it seems that every brand new generation

Have all been growing up with cracks in the foundation

Their trying to fill the holes of a whole damn nation

That's lost it's trust (that's lost it's trust)

We gotta change before the train leaves the station and realize the

Revolution in a revelation it takes blood, sweat, tears, innovation It

Starts with us, it starts with us.


Yeah, stuffs like, give the love to your brother,

Give the love to your sister,

Give the love to your misses,

Love to your mister

Give the love to your friends,

Love to your foes,

Give the love around and back around it goes (X2)

Round it goes, round it goes, round it goes goes goes

Give the love around and back around it goes

Oh we're all just folks working in a wheel

Spinning all around life's cruel battlefield

Draw circles in the sand on a rainy day,

Watch it wash away I bet it shows up on a sunny beach a thousand miles away

Flutter from a butterfly forms a storm