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Twenty One Pilots – Neon Gravestones şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Neon Gravestones - Twenty One Pilots

Şarkı Sözleri
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What's my problem?

Well, I want you to follow me down to the bottom

Underneath the insane asylum

Keep your wits about you while you got 'em

'Cause your wits are first to go while you're problem-solving

And my problem?

We glorify those, even more, when they

My opinion

Our culture can treat a loss

Like it's a win and right before we turn on them

We give them the highest of praise, and hang their banner from a ceiling

Communicating, further engraving

An earlier grave is an optional way


Neon gravestones try to call

(Neon gravestones try to call)

Neon gravestones try to call for my bones

(Neon gravestones try to call)


(For my bones)

Call, call, call



What's my problem?

Don't get it twisted

It's with the people we praise who may have assisted

I could use the streams and extra conversations

I could give up, and boost up my reputation

I could go out with a bang

They would know my name

They would host and post a celebration

My opinion will not be lenient

My opinion, it's real convenient

Our words are loud, but now I'm talking action

We don't get enough love?