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Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Someone To Stay şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Someone To Stay - Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Şarkı Sözleri
çalışılacak sözcükler

You were alone, left out in the cold

Clinging to the ruin of your broken home

Too lost and hurting to carry your load

We all need someone to hold

You’ve been fighting the memory, on your own

Nothing worsens; nothing grows

I know how it feels being by yourself in the rain

We all need someone to stay

We all need someone to stay

Hear you, falling and lonely, cry out:

Will you fix me up? Will you show me hope?

At the end of the day you were helpless

Can you keep me close? Can you love me most?

You’ve drunk it down and you’ve spat it out