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confidence nasıl okunur

  • güven
  • kendine güven
  • inanç
  • inanma
  • sır
  • sırdaşlık

Filmlerden örnekler

Class, it's a simple question of having confidence in your own authority.
Marley & Me - Marley Gets Frisky
Grace always has the confidence to speak her mind.
Legally Blonde 2 - Snap Cup
caused an ongoing erosion of confidence in the various American
Back to School - Professor Terguson Loses It
there's no reason why you shouldn't have complete confidence
Airplane! - I Speak Jive
..."to boost consumer confidence in the American auto industry."
Dave - Balancing the Budget
It is designed to bolster individual, uh, confidence...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
You got your confidence and your focus from O'Keefe,
The Fighter - The Fighting Family
Teach you discipline, confidence, self-respect.
The Foot Fist Way - Ju-jitsu Sucks
I'm marching along I've got confidence
TROLLS - Get Back Up Again
And I can tell you with confidence that he's actually quite a good liar.
No Good Deed - Malignant Narcissist
Ugly girlfriend means no confidence. - Okay.
Moneyball - It's An Unfair Game
...never to reveal what I receive in confidence here.
Little Women - A New Player