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interesting nasıl okunur

  • ilginç
  • ilgi çekici
  • enteresan

Filmlerden örnekler

very interesting story some other time, huh?
The Beach - A Shark Tale
Yes, yes, interesting. But they would disagree with you in Spain.
The Da Vinci Code - Symbols
and meet all sorts of new and interesting, different people.
She's Out of My League - Time Off
and rearranging them in your head to make more interesting patterns?
Fever Pitch - Ben Meets Lindsey
It's interesting. I used to have this professor at Oxford, okay?
Mission: Impossible 3 - The Anti-God
You must be the Dr Ryan who's done such interesting research on me.
The Sum of All Fears - I Like Him
Thank you, Ricky, for that interesting poem.
Not Another Teen - Ricky's Poem
Huh. Well, Jake, it's so interesting, 'cause I feel like the...
Everybody Wants Some!! - Phone Conversation
Melvin says you have some very interesting theories about your illness.
Girl, Interrupted - Ambivalent
But now I'm here. It's bloody interesting.
Ocean's 8 - Framing the Ex