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leader nasıl okunur

  • lider
  • önder
  • baş
  • başmakale
  • önayak
  • müşteri çeken ucuz mal

Filmlerden örnekler

All right, even an unruly dog likes to obey his leader.
Marley & Me - Marley Gets Frisky
Ray, you're the leader, man. Be one! Come on, now.
Ray - Stealing From Ray
I wouldn't want to be a Russian leader.
Frost/Nixon - No Holds Barred
Fishes terrorist leader Julian Taylor was killed today
Children of Men - The Plan for Kee
but you've been co-opted as some sort of revolutionary leader or something?
Dear White People - Who Am I?
You want us to assassinate... the leader of North Korea?
The Interview - They're Honeypotting Us
You are the leader. You are the Red Ranger.
Power Rangers - The Coins Chose You
- Please... - If it makes an Israeli leader feel good,
Norman - The Shoes
But Scowler's the herd leader. We have to follow him, it's the rule.
Walking with Dinosaurs - Thin Ice
by Wadiyan leader, Admiral General Aladeen.
The Dictator - Opening Scene
I'm afraid that's quite impossible, because I happen to be the leader of the Smurfs.
Smurfs: The Lost Village - Can't Escape Your Evil Destiny
This is Leonardo. He's in the blue. Fearless leader. Silent but deadly.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Casey Meets the Turtles
And first off, we've gotta have ourselves a leader.
The Russians Are Coming! - The Militia
Anybody wants to be leader ought to step up here right now,
The Russians Are Coming! - The Militia
Riot is what you would call a team leader.
Venom - I Am Kind of a Loser