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Filmlerden örnekler

why don't you just make the minimum thirty-seven pieces of flair?
Office Space - Joanna Quits With Flair
Okay? And I don't need thirty-seven pieces of flair to do it.
Office Space - Joanna Quits With Flair
- Thirty-seven. - I'm 37?
Clerks - 37 Cocks
Thirty-seven? My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks.
Clerks - 37 Cocks
- Thirty-seven. I just can't... - Goodbye, Dante.
Clerks - 37 Cocks
- Thirty-eight. - I'm your dad's brother, all right.
Uncle Buck - I'm Your Uncle Buck
What if you can't get out? Thirty-five minutes is not a lot of time.
The Next Three Days - Planning a Prison Break
Thirty pledges? There's seven of us, dude.
The House Bunny - T and A
where "S" is the altitude, "A" is the gravity constant thirty two
October Sky - Homer Proves His Innocence