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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні Hold Up - P. Diddy

Hold Up - P. Diddy

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

Aiyyo turn me up in my headphones man

I want this shit motherfuckin blarin

It ain't loud enough man

Oh these muh'fuckers think I'm gon' play with 'em

Oh I ain't gon' play wit'cha - I ain't gon play wit'cha man!

Ha ha ha.. I need y'all to sing children

Sing, I like it when the children sing

I like it when you sing; I like it when they sing man

That lets you know something's comin

Oh it's comin - aww man something's comin

I like this sound of this - something's comin

You can picture like a photograph, envision the image

Of one-two-fifth street and Lenox

The old folks their souls are cold like tenants

Tryin to keep your weight up better eat that spinach

For four twenty-five niggaz lives get diminished

The world serious, I'm tryin to win a pennant

Cops be on patrol through the block every minute

Itchin just to pop somethin, swearin I'm a menace

They disturb me but it's love like tennis

Man, cap to the side and my jersey is vintage

Chicks'll make a nigga dick hard like a Guinness

Damn it's a scam but I handle my business

Tryin to be the man if the Lord be my witness

Do my {?} with the walk sign for my physical fitness

16's sicker than all signed flows it's ridiculous

Hold up

[Chorus: children sing]