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Англійська вимова слова card

  • карта
  • анонс
  • гра в карти
  • оголошення в газеті
  • публікація
  • ярлик
  • запрошення
  • посвідчення
  • формуляр
  • програма
  • карта вин
  • картка
  • картушка компаса
  • квиток
  • меню
  • виписувати на картку
  • наклеювати на картки
  • прочісувати
  • чесати
  • прикріпляти ярлики
  • кардний
  • карточний

Приклади з фільмів

From my recollection, aren't you the card shark,
Casino - Lester Diamond
I've got a card around here somewhere.
Beetlejuice - We're Simpatico
I can't believe that Bryce prefers Van Patten's card to mine.
American Psycho - Business Cards
And I had no idea I could be this happy without accruing credit card debt.
Legally Blonde 2 - Bruiser's Pedigree
We're happy to be in America. Don't ask for a green card.
Mrs. Doubtfire - I Do Voices
For someone who don't play, you spend a lot of time in card rooms.
Rounders - Atlantic City Suckers
You think that's all I do? I'm just a ditz with a credit card?
Clueless - Josh Kisses Cher
Best you remember who'd you cheat out of fifty dollars in a card game!
The Magnificent Seven - Farraday's Magic Trick
Bats uses this security card supplied by an insider with a nasal problem
Baby Driver - A Score for a Score
telling me to tell Francie not to open your RSVP card.
Table 19 - Ridiculous
And baby, I think you need a hug, and my card, okay?
The Perfect Match - Mom You Never Had
Do you have the credit card that you used?
Ocean's 8 - Con Artistry