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Англійська вимова слова herself


Приклади з фільмів з Herself

You know what? She needs an extra Onesie in case she craps herself.
Neighbors - Baby's First Rave
She signed the consent forms herself.
RoboCop - End This Nightmare
that she's holding herself back in the classroom.
I Am Sam - You Are Not Stupid
Her skin is warm again. She's herself again.
Sin City - An Old Man Dies
Are you saying that she just like dug herself out of her own grave
Life After Beth - It's a Resurrection!
"I mean, drama princess, killed that fox herself"
Vampire Academy - Class Disturbance
Yeah, she tried to hurt herself.
Obsessed - Overdose
A girl tries to kill herself because of you, it's just a misunderstanding?
Obsessed - Overdose
...but with every word Daisy was drawing further and further into herself.
The Great Gatsby - A Fit of Rage

Аудіо вимова Herself

Американська вимова

Herself вимовлено Ivy (дитина, дівчинка)
Herself вимовлено Joanna (дівчина)
Herself вимовлено Kendra (дівчина)
Herself вимовлено Kimberly (дівчина)
Herself вимовлено Salli (дівчина)
Herself вимовлено Joey (чоловік)
Herself вимовлено Justin (дитина, хлопчик)
Herself вимовлено Matthew (чоловік)

Британська вимова

Herself вимовлено Amy (дівчина)
Herself вимовлено Emma (дівчина)
Herself вимовлено Brian (чоловік)