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Англійська вимова слова truck

  • вантажівка
  • вагон
  • дрібний товар
  • вагонетка
  • товарообмін
  • вантажний автомобіль
  • візок
  • грузовик
  • платити натурою
  • обмінювати
  • перевозити на вантажівках

Приклади з фільмів

And didn't you strap a bear to the grille of a truck
Toy Story Meets Pinko | Robot Chicken
I'm an ice cream truck filled with delicious, cool treats.
Peeples - The Sweat Teepee
Well, take a look. It's a goddamn Hostess truck.
Zombieland - Limber Up
Yeah, I see that, a Hostess truck. So what?
Zombieland - Limber Up
before you show up with a package in the truck
Casino - A Hell of a Handicapper
I'm sick of eatin' this shit off this fuckin' lunch truck
8 Mile - The Lunch Truck
Rappin' away for food off this raggedy lunch truck
8 Mile - The Lunch Truck
She was hit by a truck, and she's pinned against a tree.
Scary Movie 3 - No Sex
As long as the truck has her pinned, she'll stay alive.
Scary Movie 3 - No Sex
The truck is the only thing that is holding her together.
Scary Movie 3 - No Sex
Don't talk like that. The truck barely hit you.
Scary Movie 3 - No Sex
Then, all of a sudden, there's a truck tire in the middle of the road
Tommy Boy - Desktop Demo
- If you don't mind riding in an old truck. - Yes, let's go!
Hot Pursuit - All Jacked Up
Is your name Semi because you're the size of a huge Mack truck,
Employee of the Month - Box Boy
My car was crushed by a reversing cement truck.
High-Rise - The Architect
then you need to hop up off this food truck right now.
Magic Mike XXL - I Remember
I named him after a dog that I loved, that got run over by a truck.
Once Upon a Crime - Phoebe Under Arrest