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Britney Spears - Boys traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Boys - Britney Spears

palabras a estudiar

For whatever reason

I feel like I've been wanting you all my life

You don't understand

I'm so glad we're at the same place At the same time

It's over now

I spotted you dancin'

You made all the girls stare

Those lips and your brown eyes (ooh)

And the sexy hair

I should shake my thang (ooh)

Make the world want you (ha ha ha ha)

Tell your boys you'll be back

I wanna see what you can do (uh)

What would it take for you to just leave with me?

Not trying to sound conceited but

You and me were meant to be (yeah, yeah)

You're a sexy guy, I'm a nice girl (uh)

Let's turn this dance floor into our own little nasty world


Sometimes a girl just needs one

(You know I need you)


To love her and to hold

(I just want you to touch me)


And when a girl is with one (mmm)


Then she's in control!

Took the boy off the dance floor

Screaming in his ear

Must've said somethin' bout me

(What you say?)

Cos he's lookin' over here

You lookin' at me (he he he he)

With a sexy attitude

But the way your boys movin' it (uh, uh)

It puts me in the mood

What would it take for you to just leave with me?