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Britney Spears - That's Where You Take Me traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

That's Where You Take Me - Britney Spears

palabras a estudiar

Oh baby, Oh baby

Oh baby, Oh baby

In world with no belief

Never found inside of me

Built these walls up so high

Needed my room to breathe

Oh baby, Oh baby

You tear them down

Can't believe you've changed my mind

Oh baby, Oh baby

I saw your smile

Stay with me a while

All things fall into place

My heart, it feels so safe

You are my melody

That's where you take me

With you I get so high

Lost in the crystal sky

You are this melody

That's where you take me

I never fell before

How did you find the door?

(How did you find the door?)

The key up to my soul

To you forever more