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Mickey Avalon - Roll the dice traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Roll the dice - Mickey Avalon

palabras a estudiar

Liza was a lesbian who lived in the Bronx

She used to make me dinner when the winter's were long

Liza packed a pistol and a train to St. John

A long Lincoln Continental took a boat near and far,

we used to count stars while Mary tended bar

Liza's long term lover Mary buried her last broad

Stuck her twice quick,

with an ice pick,

Workin' on the night shift

Then took flight in light

so bright it hurt her eyes

so she cursed the skies,

Gripping her purse tight

bursting through the night,

with her hands washed clean

Of the murder scene,

she moved To New York City

hung with Hookers and fenes,

then one night she met Liza in the bar that she worked,

Serving appetizers in a button down shirt,

They got along and together liked high heels and short skirts,

so Mary packed her bags and she became Liza's bird

Then I saw less and less of Liza and the last that I heard of her Mary murdered her

Roll the dice,

every soul's gotta price

For a fene

while your teen

do things you can't believe

And kids in poverty

pull tricks and robberies,

so do what you gotta do to get off the streets

Jesse moved to Hollywood to take his great chance,

with a dream in his heart And a blade in his pants,

Jesse waited Tables at a fancy place on Robinson

One day the boss' daughter strutted in and spotted him

She said, 'hey little Cutie you're a beauty follow me',