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Mickey Avalon - Waiting To Die traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Waiting To Die - Mickey Avalon

palabras a estudiar

(We are going to have open se**** intercourse on every street corner of America.)


Looking out the window at night can't help but wonder

That God must be one sick motherfucker

So I bust a nut in the sky

Spend another day waiting to die

I came twice this shit as any German sheisse the flick

I'll sperm on your perm, leave cigarette burns on your tits

It's Mickey Avalon all up in your prom

Pissing in the fruit punch with a baby blue tuxedo on

The dopest rapper this century

I sodomized your father in a federal penitentiary

And on the day I got out

I went to your mother's house and slept on the couch

A street walker selling cock for rock

At the flea market trying to hock my watch

I stay on beat when I work the concrete

Some honeys give me money, and others do my laundry