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Sheryl Crow - Love Is A Good Thing traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Love Is A Good Thing - Sheryl Crow

palabras a estudiar

Watch out sister, watch out brother,

Watch our children while they kill each other

With a gun they bought at Wal-mart discount stores

Welcome to the hallway, metal detectors just been installed

Hey isn't cops and robbers gettin' to be a big bore

Mary, Mary quite contrary, close the door now,

It's much too scary

And your might see something you wish you hadn't seen

Out of sight, out of time, out of patience,

And I'm out of my mind

Governor, tell me what does it mean

Dance children, dance to the beat

Wanna be a hippy cause life is so sweet

Good morning hate

Dance children, dance to the beat

Wanna rock and roll up and down the street,