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Sheryl Crow - Story of Everything traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Story of Everything - Sheryl Crow

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The story of everything

Living, dying, lying, denial


The story of everything


Here's a story for you that will make your head spin 'round

Some troubled soul walks into church and guns everyone down

What did that congregation do, they forgave that boy somehow

Our do-nothing congress, they never make mistakes

'Cause they don't show up to work except to give themselves a raise

The audacity of hope makes every bigot shake, yeah

That's the story of everything

That's the story of everything

That's the story of everything

You can live, you can die

But I know we gotta try to get along

On Main St. USA, everybody's closing shop

'Cause them that's got get richer, it's the have and the have-nots

My cousin stays on welfare 'cause it pays more than a job

Now every time they talk about the way it used to be

You keep on living in the past, don't do a damn thing for me