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Smash Into Pieces - A Friend Like You traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

A Friend Like You - Smash Into Pieces

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It’s way to late and I’m awake,

You’re on my mind,

I’m writing down what I would say,

If we would meet sometime again,

Apologize for everything I have done,

Cause I knew you more than most,

I turned you close,

A side that was beatiful,

I’m saying I’m sorry,

Saying it’s not ok,

Tell me how,

I could use a friend like you,

I’m saying I miss you,

Never felt so ashamed,

Right now,

I could use a friend like you,

My thoughts were clouded at the time,

Or did I think at all,

What I stole belonged to you,

I know that you are not the same,