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Smash Into Pieces - Here To Stay traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Here To Stay - Smash Into Pieces

palabras a estudiar

I’m thinking of you

Like I always do

Dreaming of the times we had

Just me and you

Never want the dreams to have their end

It’s breaking my heart seeing you this way

But shadows holding you won’t make me go away

No, I’m here to stay

You are the one

That got away

Left me here

Here to stay

The life we had is gone

My baby's moving on

Leaving me here

You left me here to stay

I made my mistakes

Looked the other way

I was sure the sun would shine like yesterday

Never heard the things you had to say

But now it's to late

Now there’s nothing left

That could stop this lonelyness

This pain, this heart

From aching me apart

You are the one

That got away

Left me here