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Stacie Orrico - Tight traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Tight - Stacie Orrico

palabras a estudiar

I dreamed,

I was headed down to Puerto Rico

Now I'm feeling like I really gotta go

'Cause I really wanna get away and spend some time with you

To get away

'Cause my life is getting kinda crazy

And the only way to make it is to pray

That's why I really gotta get away and spend some time with you


Or maybe

(Can't I)

I never wanna get down, never wanna let you down

(I'm thinking, once I)

Maybe once I get away, maybe put my thoughts down

(You Save me) save me

(And I thank you) Always

(Now I)

(Live my life) Just for you

So I'm sayin' that I'm prayin' every day

(And I know You're gonna always stay)

Only you can keep us tight

So I pray with all my might

So I say I'm gonna pray it everyday

And I know you're gonna always stay