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Stacie Orrico - Until I Found You traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Until I Found You - Stacie Orrico

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I find it so unforgettable when a man knows how to treat a lady

Knows 'em from right , He's never shady

I find it so undeniable when a man's so so reliable (yeah yeah)

The way he outta be

The way he should be

Every night when I close my eyes

I lift my voice to the sky

I pray for this man, My man

I will be hoping for you

I will be searching for you

I will be watching for you

Until I find you, Find you

I will be patient for you

My eyes they won't ignore you

I know my heart will know you

When I find you, Find you

What, What

I find it so, so respectable when a man can take control

He's sentimental, And he's so gentle

I find it so, so wonderful when a man's so full of love

Not shallow , Someone I'm proud of