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Sting - If You Can't Love Me traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

If You Can't Love Me - Sting

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Please sit down, just talk to me,

We'll see if we can talk this through,

I've tried so hard to understand it,

Just tell me something that's close to the truth…

I'd rather you were cruel than kind,

Is all that I'm demanding,

I've given up on peace of mind,

For the open wound of understanding.

You can't be here and someplace else,

If your mind is in that other place,

You're trying to convince yourself,

But you're lying in my face,

I've listened ‘til my head would spin,

I don't want half of anything.

The sand sits in the hourglass,

Time slips through our fingers fast,

Your counterfeits deceived me,

If you can't love me this way,

Then you must leave me.

Tell me how it came to this,

Just don't think to spare me this,

Perhaps the truth can set us free,

From the half truths ensnaring you and me,

This black hole of intensity,

Collapses on its density,

And sucks me to a darker place,