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Stone Sour - Witness trees traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Witness trees - Stone Sour

palabras a estudiar

I don't know what I need

I'm scared of life, I'm scared of what it means to me

This broken home is just not what it used to me

Too fast to slow me down

Too loud to drown me out

I doubt I'll ever get this ghost to what I was

Because I've seen the grand design, hold on

I hope you talk about the future when I'm gone

But if I'm wrong I know the reason why

I, I can't feel anything

I can't feel anything that's under my control

I, I won't do anything

I won't do anything that's out of my controll

I can see myself

Extended past the limits of my cry for help

I don't believe I've ever come this way before