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The Agonist - Anxious Darwinians traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Anxious Darwinians - The Agonist

palabras a estudiar

Halted embryogenesis at the birth of second thought, creating before acting to stay safely at the start

Textbook nebulae authenticate the World Order’s end

But we dictate through creation just how, where, and when

The sound of self-severed limbs

Broken joints on cold steel links

Impossible havens harbor them

Damp floors carve swollen skin

The long-sought elusive passage keys!

Where once was a door, now stands a wall

Concrete beds prevent digging deep

Leonine threats behind bamboo stalks

And anxious Darwinians frantically self-analyze

Too ultimately aware to trust anyone or anything alive

Toxic, parasitic ideas hijack our minds

Mimetically commandeered to induce the suicide

The privacy of experience

The illusion of focus