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The Agonist - Revenge of the Dadaist traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Revenge of the Dadaist - The Agonist

palabras a estudiar

Sont-ils prisonniers?

Devrais-je les libérer?

This seclusion frightens me

What happened to youthful armies

Manicured gardens

Proud role models?

Now I sit

Dependent zombie

Longing for the physical

One can't destroy energy

One can only transfer it

What if I never acknowledged reality

- Could I avoid it?

Broken tree roots curling up

As if to grow towards the sky

Inverting gravity

And plummeting angels to hell

Grabbing air pockets to free yourself

You trip on extra limbs

And crumble in

The dirt feels cold and soft...

Seems so foreign yet so welcoming

You hear the Earth breathe and for a moment

Laying there

Get an internal perspective

Molecules mix and flesh confuses with elements

You aren't sure about getting up

Perhaps the trees were right

And merging with the Earth is

The way to live for centuries

Coffins float upside down like cumulus

Knock and see who's inside!