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The Cure - The Reasons Why traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

The Reasons Why - The Cure

palabras a estudiar

I won't try to bring you down about my suicide

Got no need to understand about my big surprise

I won't beg to hang you up about my love of life

If you promise not to sing about the reasons why

I am writing you a letter, getting better

Can I see you? When...

All the lights go out together, blame the weather?

Yeah the cold again

In the darkness for a second

I am sure I see them smiling then

I feel them calling me

Yeah they are calling me...

And I am falling through the stars

You remember now?

Yeah I am falling in their arms

You remember how?

Oh I am falling through the sky

You remember this ?

I am falling in their eyes

You remember the kiss?