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The Killers - Run For Cover traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Run For Cover - The Killers

palabras a estudiar

What have you gathered to report to your progenitors?

Are your excuses any better than your senator's?

He held a conference and his wife was standing by his side

He did her dirty but no-one died

I saw Sonny Liston on the street last night

Black-fisted and strong singing Redemption Song

He motioned me to the sky

I heard heaven and thunder cry

Run for cover

Run while you can, baby, don't look back

You gotta run for cover

Don't be afraid of the fear, that's a played out trap, man

You know you're not the only one

And don't look back, just run for cover

What are you waiting for, a kiss or an apology?

You think by now you'd have an A in toxicology