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The Raven Age - Grave Of The Fireflies traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Grave Of The Fireflies - The Raven Age

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Quiet the drone in the distance approaches

We hide, and hope they pass us by

Waiting in silence, praying they don’t find us

And maybe they’ll spare us our lives

Just maybe they’ll spare us our lives

Desolate village of sorrow and anguish

I stare upon what once was home

Explosions and flashes leave embers and ashes

And now I’ve got nowhere to go

And now we’ve got nowhere to go

Now, as the fire rains down from the sky

I see the love disappear from her eyes

I’ve seen the hearts of our people all change like the wind

A helping hand, I cannot find

Hold on

We’ll find a place to call our own

If I mourn, will you cry

Together we’ll live on alone

Life or death

We will not live forever

Or did you forget