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The Royal Concept - Busy Busy traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Busy Busy - The Royal Concept

palabras a estudiar

I thought I'd let you in

On a secret

I thought you'd like to know, know

I always misbehave

'Cept on weekends

Then I sort you out, out


I'm bleeding

From all the knives you've thrown, thrown

To kill is such a thrill, you say

Crash your silly dreams

Crash your silly dreams

Smash 'em like a bug now

And I'm still bleeding from you're loaded guns


I'm a busy, busy man

With your heart in my hand

I got your number, I will dial

'Til you sort yourself out

You say I always choose

Always choose

Myself over you

I'm a busy, busy man

With your heart in my hand

You keep me waiting for my change

With my heart in your hand

And now my fire's out

Fire's out!

Fire's out!

And now you say that we're alright