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Usher - Do It To Me traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Do It To Me - Usher

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Ooh no no, no no no no….

[Verse 1:]

I got two-dozen roses, and a card that says baby I can’t wait to see you later

We made dinner reservations at Nobu or Mr. Chow you just pick the location

Now we’re sitting at the table sippin’ the finest wine having a damn good time

I know what’s on your mind… I want you, you want me too stop frontin’ I know exactly what you wanna do


Do it to me, I wanna feel you touch my body baby, body baby

Do it to me I guarantee you won’t regret it let me set it out like you ain’t never had it

Do it to me I want you to grab me talk to me tell me how you like it when you want it when you all up on it ooh

Do it to me I’m gonna give it to you, I’m gonna make this a night to remember

[Verse 2:]

Watchin’ you work the stick in the ride , the motion how you move from 3rd to 5