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Van Halen - Summer Nights traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Summer Nights - Van Halen

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Oh yeah!

Ain't no way I'm sittin' home tonight

I'll be out until the mornin' light

A-just-a hangin' 'round let me look for parkin' lots

Oh, checkin' out all the girls, see what they got

Wow! 'Cause they love it, when me an' the boys

Wanna play some love with them human toys

Woq! We wind 'em up n' let 'em go. Whoa! Oh yeah

Whoa yeah!

Woo! Summer nights and my radio

(Ah-ah) Well that's all we need, baby. Don'tcha know?

We celebrate when the gang's all here

(Ah-ah) Ah, hot summer nights, that's my time of the year-ow!