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Pronunciación en inglés de angel

  • ángel
  • cielo
  • productor de una obra
  • moneda de oro

Ejemplos de películas

Fortunately, I tripped over an angel.
Ever After - Contradictions
I remember the last book I recommended: Look Homeward, Angel, by Thomas Wolfe.
The Time Machine - All the Years of Remembering
An angel came to him and told him the truth of this world...
Frailty - A Vision From God
- The angel called us God's hands. - So we're like superheroes?
Frailty - A Vision From God
I don't know. The angel just said soon.
Frailty - A Vision From God
...but the angel said I had to do it now.
Frailty - A Vision From God
Twice by an Angel, who at last in sight of both of my Parents
Carrie - English Class
That's my little princess. That's my little angel.
The Watch - Man's Lair