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Pronunciación en inglés de darling

  • cariño
  • persona querida
  • gorda
  • persona simpática
  • querido
  • amable
  • simpático
  • encantado
  • gustable

Ejemplos de películas

Darling, I love you so much, I can't go through with our marriage.
Arsenic and Old Lace - Insanity Runs in My Family
Well, I may be an outlaw, darling, but you're the one stealing my heart.
Thelma & Louise - A Real Outlaw
Darling, my work has never been better.
De-Lovely - Spoiled Behavior
- I know, darling, but faster. - So will you listen?
What We Did on Our Holiday - Granddad Died
Darling gets in line, Buddy takes her hostage,
Baby Driver - A Score for a Score
He's worth a hell of a lot more than we got out of him the first time, darling.
Original Sin - You're a Whore
They most certainly are, darling. And I gave them to the authorities.
Mortdecai - I Deeply Love My Mustache
We may be flat broke, my darling, but we are not desperate.
Mortdecai - I Deeply Love My Mustache
Oh, my darling, I tried desperately to be unfaithful to you, I really did.
Mortdecai - I Deeply Love My Mustache
Today's the day I sign the deal on my book deal, darling.
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - Stem Cells
Of course you're in it, darling, 'cause you are my oldest, oldest friend.
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - Stem Cells