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Pronunciación en inglés de drive

  • manejar
  • drive
  • impulso
  • viaje
  • paseo
  • empuje
  • avance
  • dinamismo
  • energía
  • ataque
  • batida
  • golpe fuerte
  • conducir
  • empujar
  • dirigir
  • viajar
  • llevar
  • guiar
  • mover
  • hacer
  • clavar
  • hincar
  • transportar
  • atacar
  • pasearse
  • forzar
  • batir
  • provocar
  • impeler
  • abrir
  • perforar
  • volver en
  • pasearse en coche
  • hacer sudar
  • hacer trabajar
  • introducir a la fuerza
  • llevar en coche
  • desesperar
  • estar lloviendo
  • asestar
  • golpear
  • dar un paseo en coche
  • construir
  • denunciar
  • practicar

Ejemplos de películas

Win the Super Bowl and drive off in a Hyundai.
Trainwreck - I Scored on LeBron James
Pure reflex... and mankind's basic drive for survival
The Beach - A Shark Tale
I promised Jennifer I would drive her to the Pickle Pan!
The Banger Sisters - Breasts at the DMV
Well, I wanted to drive you home. Are you all right?
Vertigo - Wandering Together
The thing is, I... I drive a taxi at night, so it's kind of hard for me...
Taxi Driver - Travis Visits Betsy
I drive by this place a lot, and I see you here.
Taxi Driver - Travis Visits Betsy
- Can't very well drive to Fiji, can we? - No.
The Truman Show - Being Spontaneous
and we let appropriate customers test-drive the Testarossa.
Scent of a Woman - Gray Ghosts
I have an idea. Why don't I take your father for a test-drive ?
Scent of a Woman - Gray Ghosts
Did you just drive 40 minutes back here to look for your sunglasses?
Trainwreck - Sports? I Love Them
you can dance the tango and drive a Ferrari better than anyone I've ever seen.
Scent of a Woman - I'm In the Dark
Who taught you how to drive? Stevie Wonder?
Red Eye - Reservation Emergency
These are the ones who drive the cabs,
JFK - The Truth
- Why don't you let me drive? - What are you talking about?
Brothers - Give Me the Keys
"Let Tommy drive." Look, I'll tell you what.
Brothers - Give Me the Keys
and then you can drive it wherever the hell you want.
Brothers - Give Me the Keys
Yeah, but it's also just kind of weird seeing you drive this minivan.
Hot Rod - Trippin' Balls
I mean, we're not used to doing anything for ourselves, let alone drive.
Frost/Nixon - No Holds Barred
Well, these hard drive platters are just fried.
Mission: Impossible 3 - The Anti-God
Despite the aforementioned conditions of the hard drive you brought back,
Mission: Impossible 3 - The Anti-God
No, Cody, that's on a need-to-drive basis. You don't need to drive.
Agent Cody Banks - Spy Gadgets
Look, I just... I thought we could talk, you know, maybe we could take a drive.
Next - I'm Her Future