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Pronunciación en inglés de hold

  • sostener
  • asimiento
  • asidero
  • agarro
  • dominio
  • presa
  • arraigo
  • influencia
  • bodega de carga
  • compartimiento de carga
  • mantener
  • celebrar
  • contener
  • tener
  • retener
  • sujetar
  • guardar
  • ocupar
  • soportar
  • resistir
  • agarrar
  • agarrarse
  • ostentar
  • coger
  • seguir
  • estar
  • estar en posesión de
  • continuar
  • valer
  • mantenerse firme
  • tener capacidad
  • agarrarse a
  • tener capacidad para
  • recuperar
  • pegarse
  • seguir bueno
  • ser valedero
  • tener guardado
  • tener en reserva
  • ofrecer

Ejemplos de películas

The Venture Bros. - Arch de Triumph
That record is going to hold for a while, let me tell you.
Unbroken - An Olympic Record
His butt is so tiny that I can hold it with, like, one hand.
Pitch Perfect - Singing in the Shower
Get a load of this guy! Oh, wait. Hold on.
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
notifies the police they'll put a 24-hour hold on it...
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
I'm gonna get hold of that dog, and I'm gonna eat it for lunch!
Raging Bull - You Want Your Steak?
- I have to get that number. - Hold on!
Pi - Go Board
Hold on a sec, let me get rid of the other line.
Lucy - I Feel Everything
Put on your PJs. Hold still. Okay, seriously! Seriously!
Despicable Me - Bedtime Story
Hold on, honey. I got a special tool for you.
Stripes - The Aunt Jemima Treatment
...we could hold back that cash, stick it in interest-bearing...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
Okay, Houston. l see what you're getting at. Hold on.
Apollo 13 - Duct Tape and Cardboard