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Pronunciación en inglés de mate

  • compañero
  • mate
  • pareja
  • cónyuge
  • piloto
  • ayudante
  • macho
  • camarada
  • mano
  • acoplar
  • unir
  • parearse
  • parear

Ejemplos de películas

designed to lead us to our universal soul mate.
Serendipity - Life's Master Plan
It means, "I like to mate after battle."
Garden State - Sir Tim
- I'll get the next round. - Yeah, go on, mate. Nice one.
Spring - Go Out With Me
- Meh. Meh. That was a great... - Whatcha doing there, mate?
The Emoji MovieScene - Intro to Textopolis
<i>They've got everything, mate. And her dad, this banker,</i>
Us and Them - Danny's Plan
You're not old enough for a mid-life crisis, mate.
Us and Them - Danny's Plan