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Pronunciación en inglés de ticket

  • boleto
  • billete
  • entrada
  • multa
  • pasaje
  • boleta
  • candidatura
  • etiqueta
  • resguardo
  • talón
  • localidad
  • rótulo
  • lista de candidatos
  • programa electoral
  • programa político
  • rotular
  • poner etiqueta a
  • expedir un billete a

Ejemplos de películas

Meow, I'm gonna have to give you a ticket on this.
Super Troopers - The Cat Game
Because I think that really could be the ticket for you. Oh, God!
Groundhog Day - Ned Ryerson!
- Must you rub it in? - Look, take this ticket.
Class - Jesus Is My Roommate
But I'll put up the pawn ticket that redeems it...
Lucky You - Pays to be Prudent
That diamond is my ticket out of this godforsaken continent.
Blood Diamond - God Left This Place
fresh off some fucking 'E-ticket' ride
The Cooler - A Cheap, Fat Whore
So I bought a one-way ticket to New York
A Simple Favor - Drinks and Death