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Pronunciación en inglés de turning

  • torneado
  • vuelta
  • recodo
  • recoveco

Ejemplos de películas

Because as I was turning off your phone, I got a picture of somebody's dick.
Trainwreck - You Always Do This to Me
before turning up at your father's place.
True Grit - I'm a Texas Ranger
Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" represents a complete turning point
Save the Last Dance - Truman Capote Debate
We are turning back towards La Guardia.
Sully - Brace for Impact
It's an experiment gone awry. You're turning blue!
Cats & Dogs - Bad Talking Cat
We're both turning 30 next week.
2:22 - Coincidence
without it turning into twenty or wetting the bed.
Smashed - Kate's AA Speech