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Pronunciación en inglés de turned

  • vuelto
  • girado
  • transformado
  • cambiado
  • dirigido
  • pasado
  • doblado
  • desviado
  • revuelto
  • trastornado
  • mudado
  • torcido
  • agriado
  • destornillado
  • atornillado

Ejemplos tomados de películas con Turned

Well, as it turned out, John picked the perfect night to make a wish.
Ted - A Young Boy's Wish
And why am I alive when everyone around me has turned to meat?
Zombieland - The United States of Zombieland
Sue came on a bus with dreams of Hollywood and this is how they turned out.
L.A. Confidential - Better Than Veronica Lake
but it turned out to be the last time that street guys like us
Casino - A Hell of a Handicapper
And we turned her best friends against her.
Mean Girls - Regina Meets Bus
And he was so embarrassed, his cheeks turned completely red.
Flipped - Meeting Bryce Loski
I'm afraid you've got this all turned around.
Tom Sawyer - Whitewashin'
turned his eyes to the heavens and read the stars.
Doubt - Crisis of Faith
And in your panic, you turned to the now High Chancellor Adam Sutler.
V for Vendetta - The Revolutionary Speech
Becoming marginally famous has really turned you into an asshole.
Funny People - Marginally Famous A**hole
It was awful! He started choking. His face turned purple.
Big Fat Liar - Lying Through Your Teeth
You know how much a girl gets turned on if you're really listening to her?
My Man Is a Loser - The Fix
except she turned out to be the right girl.
Man Up - F*** the Past
But his head was turned by a girl with glass slippers.
Cinderella - Well that is a mistake
We can't help it if we've turned this
Christine - Jealousy
You mean, besides the fact that this stupid job turned him into an alcoholic?
Charlie Bartlett - First Kiss
Danny argued with one of them. Then they turned on the video.
A Mighty Heart - The Courage to Endure
No. You called out, I turned around,
Person to Person - Grapefruit
I thought I turned you into a rational, thinking creature.
Absolutely Anything - Biscuits
... cause I know that you... you turned me into a vampire.
What We Do in the Shadows - Not Eating Stu
are you sure that you wanna get turned with your girls this weekend?
Girls Trip - Inappropriate White Friend
women get turned on by the sight of a working man.
Kinky Boots - Lola Out of London
But, you know, I'm happy you turned out like her.
A Monster Calls - Messily Ever After
...Earl beheaded you, and, but then, she, like, turned it off.
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Film For Rachel

Pronunciación de Turned

Pronunciación americana

Turned pronunciado por Ivy (niño, chica)
Turned pronunciado por Joanna (mujer)
Turned pronunciado por Kendra (mujer)
Turned pronunciado por Kimberly (mujer)
Turned pronunciado por Salli (mujer)
Turned pronunciado por Joey (hombre)
Turned pronunciado por Justin (niño, chico)
Turned pronunciado por Matthew (hombre)

Pronunciación británica

Turned pronunciado por Amy (mujer)
Turned pronunciado por Emma (mujer)
Turned pronunciado por Brian (hombre)