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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek Helix - Amaranthe

Helix - Amaranthe

tanulmányozandó szavak

I can't stop you from breathing

Give it all and then see you leave it

I will stand and defeat it

Undertow stuck in the middle

Lift the veil of the darkness

Be the voice of the broken hearted

Just like you I unleashed it all

To reverse my heartbeat

All the voices in my mind

And the times that we denied

As I will reach into the light

We cannot get out of

Make a start with the Helix

Take us through the tide

You can hide in this feeling

I know we can see that

All the stars are right

Set my heart in the Phoenix

Until the end of time

So forgive us

For sinning

Make a start with the Helix

Nothing you say, how much you pay

Never making me stop

And every time you complained

You were bringing me up

And now you come around begging

Now I'm at the top