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It's better to enjoy yourself when you're young than to waste time worrying about the future.
It's better to enjoy yourself when you're young rather than wasting time worrying about the future.

Don't mix one form of the verb with another. If the first verb in a comparison is in the infinitive, the second must also be in the infinitive.

Your clothes are very fashionable.
Your cloth is very fashionable.

Cloth, meaning the material of which clothes are made, is singular, and has a plural form cloths (without the e): She cleaned the table with a cloth, Merchants sell different kinds of cloths.

Translate this passage to English.
Translate this passage into English.
The most of girls are not present.
Most of the girls are not present.

The phrase the most of is incorrect. Say, most of the.

They're now using new machineries.
They're now using new machinery.

Machinery is a singular noun and always takes a singular verb and pronoun. We can say a piece of machinery or pieces of machinery

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