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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek In The Mood - Bette Midler

In The Mood - Bette Midler

tanulmányozandó szavak

Jumping with my boy, Sid

right here in the city.

Don't you know that is was grand?

Really grand, so grand.

And then you came along,

then you came along, boy.

And sang your groovy song,

sang a song and I asked:

Mr. Whatchacallem, whatcha doing tonight?

Hope you're in the mood

because I'm feeling just right.

How's about a corner

with a table for two?

Where the music's mellow

is a gay rendezvous.

There's no chance romancing

with a blue attitude.

You know you got to do some dancing

to get in the mood.

Mr. Watchacallem, I'm indebted to you.

You're here. It goes to show what good influence can do.

Never felt so happy or so fully alive.

He's a jam a jumpin', it's a powerful jive!

Swing-a-roo is giving me a new attitude.

My heart is full of rhythm

and I'm in the mood.

In the mood (oh boy) be mine forever.

In the groove (that boy) and leave me never.