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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek In The Hands Of The Potter - Casting Crowns

In The Hands Of The Potter - Casting Crowns

tanulmányozandó szavak

I still remember when I heard You call me by name

I'd follow You anywhere, knew I could trust You in anything

But now sorrow beats down on me, waiting for You to come through

I'm all alone with my questions, I'm dry and cracked open

And I thirst for You

And as I fall apart

Come flood this desert heart

Fall like the rain, Living Water

And I know Your way is best

Lord, help me find my rest

And I'll be the clay

In the Hands of the Potter

My world is spinning, my life seems so out of control

Nailed scarred hands tell the story of love that will never let go of me

Through the sunshine or rain, I know where my hope is found