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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek Dance with the Dragon - Dark Sarah

Dance with the Dragon - Dark Sarah

tanulmányozandó szavak

Dragon: I know why you're here,

don't try to escape my dear,

you've been naughty I know

by trying to steal something of my own

Dark Sarah: I have no idea,

why I have been dragged down here...

Dragon: Don't lie!

DS: ...nor what you're talking about,

and sir there's no reason to shout!

Dragon: And sure there's a reason to shout!

DS: I saw the key but didn't steal!

Dragon: You saw the key and tried to steal!

Dragon: I see... what do we have here?

DS: What? ...nothing...

Dragon: Now I know why

you're here, you are a mischievous thief

DS: ...I just can't lie to him...

Dragon: But if you want the key,

you need to earn it my dear!

DS: He sees right through me, oh bugger! He just...

Dragon: This is how we treat our guests

who are trying to cheat,

you need to earn it my dear!

DS: ...took the only ticket I had, I guess I have to

Dragon: So you will be my rag doll tonight, tonight

DS: See where this leads

Dragon: At the dragon's ball!

DS: At the dragon's ball!