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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek John Blaze - Fat Joe

John Blaze - Fat Joe

tanulmányozandó szavak

My stripes show like regiments, military intelligence

Murder game, I leave no evidence -- credentials

Go ask my pre-school, even talk to my old principal

He'd tell you how you I used to pack a No. 2 pencil

Stabbin students, grabbin teachers, Catholics, preachers

In the school staircase, cuttin class, passin my reefer

In my own class, operation return, they tried to say

I was incompetent, not able to learn

The table turned now, got my own label to earn

Like that nigga said in _Dead Presidents_, money I burn

Queensbridge, pay homage, respect Nas is the vet

Acknowledge the rep, polish baguettes, niggaz is dissin that

I'm just the best, puttin all violence to rest

between Latin Kings the blood _los sangres_, blood in Spanish

So many thugs vanish, unite the system

to fight with inner street wisdom, to help teach a prison

Verse Two: Big Punisher

My crew puff lye, anyone test the Pun must die

Just give me one try -- 'Now you know you done fucked up right?'

Hah, you ain't got no wins in my casa

Que te pasa, you ain't even in my clasa

I hate a actor that plays a rapper

I'm Terror Squad beta kappa everybody's favorite rapper

Grand imperial college material insane criminal

The same nigga who known to blow out your brain mineral

I reign subliminal inside your visual

Try to supply your physical with my spiritual side of this lyrical

I'll appear in your dreams, like Freddie do, no kidding you

Even if I stuttered I would still sh-sh-sh-shit on you

Soon as I chitter chatter you shitter shatter, I'm the kid

out of Bronx, that'll stomp you to death like it didn't matter

I'm even better than before, iller metaphors

Killers bet it all on Pun, cause one verse, dead em all

Chorus: scratches by DJ Spinbad

J-J-J-John Blaze

Ja-Ja-ah-John Bla-Blaze