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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek Rent Money - Future

Rent Money - Future

tanulmányozandó szavak



They go crazy, yeah

They comin' in and out, in and out, in and out

Trap spot boomin'


Got the money comin' in, it ain't no issues

I just fucked a rapper bitch, I should diss you

Got the MAC-11 cocked, it got the kick too

Servin' niggas like Doughbeezy in my house shoes

Ya baby mama fuck me better when the rent's due

I just fucked a rapper bitch, I should diss you

She sucked my dick, she came home, I bet she kissed you

Treat me like I'm Al Capone, nigga, fuck you

John Gotti, Illuminati, nigga, fuck you

I put a middle finger up, because, fuck you

This money got me geekin' up, nigga, fuck you

Red bottoms with the fur like Frank Luc

I bought some VVS and she caught the chain flu

I fucked this R&B bitch, I should thank you

Yah, I was sippin' my codeine from the beginnin'

She jocked my whole team, she seen who's winnin'

We light Liv up on a Sunday, come see us livin'

This for my dogs on the one way in penitentiaries

Send a direct hit, you gotta pay attention

I just lit my wrist up, I need some more attention

She didn't wanna play fair, I put her on suspension

I put a ki on Greyhound now I'm in a new dimension

Offered her 25, keep tryin' to take some of my percentage

I was petrified, you know my right wrist authentic

I get glorified, that Richard Mille cost 250

I'm a big dog, it ain't no sense in holdin' back

On my Usain Bolt shit, I ran up in yo' set

Fuckin' with them strippers all in G5ive

And as soon as the club closed we board the G5

I got scammers and junkies lined up on each side

I got five percent tint on each side

I tried to make it outta school on the East Side